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U.S. Based Certified Neo4j Consultants from $60/hr

We believe graph should be accessible to everyone

As we’ve supported the continued growth of the graph space over the last 5 years we’ve consistently delivered greater business value with scalable graph-based solutions.

Now as we look to the next 5 years we’re introducing programs to increasingly deliver more value and in doing so make graph available to all enterprises.

So we’re taking a step to lower the cost barrier of accessing our highly-skilled Certified Neo4j Professional consultants. We want to ensure that our customers have affordable access to develop and operationalize their connected data strategies built around Neo4j.

Whether you are deep in Neo4j already or just experimenting with open source we can provide short and long term strategies that produce value for your enterprise.

Accelerate your graph journey today:

  • Graph Data Modeling
  • Graph Service Development
  • Graph Algorithm Development
  • Structured & Unstructured Data Import to Graph (DBs, APIs, HTML, JSON, XML, etc)
  • Graph Procedure & Extension Development

Contact us today to learn more about engaging with our Certified Neo4j Consultants

We’ve been honored to receive high accolades from Neo4j, Inc. as a deeply experienced and trusted partner:

“From the beginning of your work with Neo4j, Inc., we have experienced that you and your organization AtomRain are above all else, professional software engineers. Your professionalism and ability to engage with customers on an architectural, engineering and operations level have enabled us to support our enterprise customers throughout the United States.

AtomRain has demonstrated a high degree of skill in all aspects of developing and deploying fully scalable Neo4j enterprise solutions. We here at Neo4j, Inc. have every confidence in AtomRain’s ability to deliver for our most important enterprise clients.”
– Neo4j, Inc.

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AtomRain's U.S. Based Certified Neo4j Professional Consulting Services

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