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Software Engineering Discipline

We approach software development as an engineering discipline because we build mission critical software systems for our customers that simply cannot fail in production.

All engineers on the AtomRain team are trained from their first day on what it takes to deliver real business value through the software solutions we build to power the complex business requirements of the world’s leading enterprises.

Building quality software starts with integration testing and ends with load and performance testing.

nobody wants to pay for load and performance testing; that’s why it’s a core discipline – every engineer can go end-to-end

This discipline saves us time, money and frustration in the long run because we don’t spend our days dealing with regression issues.

In this world today where our social feeds load nearly instantly anything more than a second, even for an application internal to your enterprise, is too slow.
We learned this long ago: if it’s not performant, it’s not functional. We hold to this truth every time we write a line of code.

our internal expected performance requirement for each API endpoint we build is 100ms non-cached

Security starts with people. Most software engineers lack basic security awareness when developing services.
We believe in a security first architecture where we solve common security challenges in authentication and authorization at the outset.

we can provide out of the box OAuth2 Server for easy-to-go security and user management

Monetization of APIs shouldn’t be an after thought.
We build valuable service APIs for your customers and many want to provide either developer access or give client keys for customers to integrate.

We have already rolled solutions that enable existing APIs to be quickly monetized by metering and limiting with fine tuning for each endpoint based on clients.

endpoint monetization through metering and rate limiting is on our mind day one