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Your Trusted Graph and AI Solution Experts

We are dedicated to helping business leaders conquer their biggest challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.

Our Graph + AI engineers work alongside your teams to build and deliver state-of-the-art graph and AI solutions.

    It gets old hearing what you're imagining is not possible, right?

    Our experts guide you in re-imagining business processes for the age of AI to maximize the impact of both humans and machines working together.

    Here's How We Do It

    Understand Your Current Process

    We work closely with your teams to map out the way things work today with special attention given to areas ripe for transformation: "we struggle when...", "i spend most of my day doing...instead of...", "this keeps us from...doing this really valuable thing"

    Imagine What Could Be Possible

    We could increase revenue 50% if our humans didn't need to... We could decrease delays 90% if our machines were able to...

    Dominate in the Age of AI

    Be the first to develop and deploy the technological and people transformations that accomplish what you and your entire industry previously thought impossible.

    We understand that transforming technology and people for the age of AI can feel overwhelming.

    Why work with AtomRain?

    • Unmatched in Delivery

      You deserve the best. When you work with AtomRain you always get an 'A' team. Our expert graph and AI solution teams routinely deliver what others have declared impossible. We expect to deliver value for your business.

    • Business + Engineering

      You know your business better than anyone. We work closely with you to understand your greatest challenges and biggest opportunities. We partner with your organization in both strategy and engineering to delver transformative solutions that deliver real value.

    • Good People

      We simply believe you should actually like who you work with. There's a magic that happens when people who enjoy collaborating come together. We're excited to work with clients who share our passion for a great working relationship.

    Rest assured. Unlock your potential. Dominate the market.