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Patient Decision Support

Bringing clarity to healthcare decisions.

WiserCare is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation for delivering decision-supported patient data to the clinician helping with the diagnosis and treatment of a medical condition in line with patient preferences.

AtomRain worked closely with key stakeholders from initial inception throughout the startup’s growth over nearly 4 years to ensure the software was meeting security, business, product and technical objectives.

Performed enterprise software architecture, software engineering and algorithms implementation to

  • develop a secure portal for patients, physicians and staff to interact, exchange data and review reports
  • implement complex preference models that combine clinical data, patient data and treatment preferences
  • coordinate to ingest and validate collected clinical data for each treatment area as attributes in the decision engine
  • capture patient preferences input as well as factual clinical details for use by the recommendation engine
  • generate personalized reports with details about treatment options, rankings and preferences influencing suggested treatment
  • fully manage the infrastructure deployment, devops, build, continuous integration and deployment pipeline