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The Entertainment Graph

Changing the way you share and discover new entertainment.

AtomRain led the software architecture and software engineering to create The Entertainment Graph using Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. The Entertainment Graph is a comprehensive database that brings together movies, books, games, music, and TV, including the cast & crew, sources, reviews, categories, genres, lists and more.

It powers meaningful recommendations, exciting data insights and uninhibited social discovery. Building The Entertainment Graph is a challenge of scale in graph size and user activity that we’re solving with powerful enterprise integration patterns throughout our distributed systems.

The Entertainment Graph brings together over 190 sources into comprehensively connected Neo4j graph database containing over 500 million nodes, 1.8 billion relationships and 2.6 billion properties to enable

  • Personalized Discovery
    Build out universal taste profiles and connect to the friends and influencers you care about so you can discover new favorites in fun, social ways.
  • Universal Search
    Find any movie, show, song, book, game, person, franchise, or genre within The Entertainment Graph.
  • Better Recommendations
    Tap into delightful and surprising suggestions that span all sources and media types.